Our Club's focus is on promoting the growth of soccer in the Mansfield Area.

We encourage and mentor soccer coaches in our program.  We have Licensed Coaches who are involved in mentoring our coaches. 

Players and Parents can use our full size pavilion during practices / bad weather.

Siblings of Players may play at the swing set which is beside the soccer fields. 

Fully functioning bathrooms in close proximity of the soccer fields ( no porta pots ).

Soccer Members get a Social Club Membership.  The Social Club hosts various events throughout the year.  On Thursday Nights, they do Dollar Burgers / Fry Night for dinner.  A really big hit!

Our Recreation Soccer Teams grow into State Level Teams, hense establishing a team chemistry that helps on the field.

Our Players come from all areas of Ashland and Richland County.  This diverse mix of players is bennifitial in developing well rounded players. 

Why should you chose the
Mansfield Liederkranz for Soccer?

Who can play for the Mansfield Liederkranz Soccer Club?

Any person in the Ohio North Soccer Region. 

We are a private Soccer Club.  You don't have to play for your LOCAL SOCCER GROUP. 


Are not stand along soccer clubs.  They are smaller members of baseball, flag football, ... other organizations.

Do not promote soccer coach education. 

In case of bad weather, there is no place to shelter ( no pavilions ).

Facilities only have porta-pot toilets.  Enough said. 

Recreation Teams do not feed directly into State League Compleitive Teams.    This leads to teams breaking apart.